Grant Guidelines


Regain has been established to help people who have had a sports related spinal cord injury resulting in tetraplegia/quadriplegia. Money is available for potential REGAINERS to help provide them with the specialist equipment they need to enable them to achieve greater independence and improve their quality of life. Each request is considered independently, on its own merits and will be granted after consideration of the funds available at the time.

  1. The fund is limited to those with a sports related spinal cord injury resulting in tetraplegia.
  2. The fund is principally for the provision of specialist equipment, though if funds permit, other requests may be considered.
  3. Regain will only consider requests accompanied by a letter of recommendation from your Consultant, District Occupational Therapist, Case Manager, Physiotherapist, Care Manager or immediate relative.
  4. Money is not available to substitute for statutory funding or to provide equipment which is available through Social Services or local Health Authorities, including local NHS wheelchair services.
  5. Where a potential Regainer is able to either raise money or make a donation themselves towards the equipment requested, consideration will be given to any partial funding.
  6. If the fund agrees to meet the cost, or part of the cost, of any equipment, then that Regainer will not be able to reapply for a further 3 years.
  7. Regain accepts no residual responsibility to replace the equipment it has funded once it wears out, nor for the maintenance or insurance of that equipment.
  8. If for what ever reason you no longer need the equipment funded by Regain , then you should contact Ann Frampton immediately. Under no circumstances should the equipment be sold prior to contacting Regain .
  9. Regain reserves the right to refuse any application.
  10. Regain reserves the right to request further information and supporting evidence before taking any application to board of Trustees.