Helping sports tetraplegics lead independent lives

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We are Regain Sports

Having lost the use their limbs tetraplegics need help to perform many of the most mundane day-to-day tasks.

Mobility is the major issue for many and without the use of appropriate wheelchairs and adapted vehicles tetraplegics can become trapped in their own homes.

Regain Sports Charity
Cyclists in front of stone town gates
Cycling and enjoying lunch
High-vis and mobility bike
Handbikes and blue skies
  • To help sports tetraplegics lead independent and fulfilling lives by fully or part funding equipment and facilities that improve mobility, communication, educational options and employment opportunities
  • To raise funds through donations, events, sponsorship, legacies and gifts in kind
  • To develop and maintain relationships with tetraplegics and provide support to them and their families and carers
  • To collaborate with other spinal injury charities, and to develop partnerships that will have a lasting benefit for the charity and its beneficiaries
  • To ensure that the governance of Regain is working towards best practice