Snowdonia Charity Challenge 2020

  • June 20, 2020

Snowdonia Charity Challenge 2020

Have you got what it takes to take on the Snowdonia Charity Challenge?

Saturday 27 June 2020

Have you and your team got what it takes to conquer the Snowdonia Challenge?

Experience the beautiful Snowdonia National Park on this amazing one-day team event, cycling 40 miles, summitting Snowdon and canoeing Llyn Gwynant.

Kicking off from our event base in Llanberis in the heart of Snowdonia, with a 20 mile cycle along gorgeous country roads, you’ll swap your bikes for boots at the foot of Snowdon to trek the tallest mountain in England and Wales. After a few happy snaps and some spectacular panoramas at the top, it’s back down you go to meet your bikes at the bottom.

Once at Snowdon’s foot, you can revive your energy with some refreshments, before getting back into your cycling gear and into the saddle for a ten mile stretch to the shore of Llyn Gwynant.

Here, you meet your Canadian canoes and conquer a course on the lake. There’s no need for canoeing experience or equipment, as we provide everything you need, including experienced canoeing guides ready to help you out at the drop of a paddle.

Back on land, it’s time for your triumphant 10 mile pedal to the finish line.

Completed this challenge before?

To all the wonderful teams who’ve tackled the Snowdonia Challenge before, why not conquer it again for Regain?

As the only charity dedicated to helping sports tetraplegics regain their independence, our cause is truly invaluable and every pound raised will help do wonders for the people we support.

This epic three-activity team event is now an Open Challenge, which means there is no longer a minimum sponsorship requirement to take part. We just ask you to raise as much as you can.

You still have the option to commit to a minimum sponsorship target per team, whereby the charity would fund your challenge costs, providing you raise a minimum of £1,000 (per team) by six weeks before the challenge.

It’s completely up to you and your teammates, but whatever you do, do it together. Team work makes the dream work.

Day 1 | Friday 26 June | Compulsory Challenge Briefing

Our challenge begins with registration at our event base in Llanberis on Friday evening from 5pm, followed by a compulsory safety and challenge briefing at 8pm, where your epic team charity challenge is explained in full and you have the chance to ask questions and meet other teams. We recommend you get an early night as you’ll be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow!

Day 2 | Saturday 27 June | Challenge Day | Ready, set, Race!

Rise and shine to challenge day! You start your three-activity event with a twenty-mile cycle. Meeting at our starting line in Llanberis, the heart of Snowdonia, we set you off in your teams in one-minute intervals and then you tackle a charming, clearly-marked route on A or B-class country roads.

There’s no need to worry about getting lost, as we’ll have lots of clear sign posts as well as marshalls to guide you along the way. Be prepared for some steep climbs, though: it is Snowdonia after all!

Coming to the end of your cycle, you’ll see our Dream Team waiting with your trekking gear at the foot of Snowdon. Here, you swap your bikes for boots (or fell running shoes) and we’ll look after your cycling gear as you trek the tallest mountain in England and Wales via the Rhyd Ddu path. This will reward you with some wonderful views from the top and keep your fingers crossed for a clear day, so you can spot Ireland across the sea.

Then it’s back down you go to meet us and your bikes at the bottom, ready to take on your second cycling stretch. You’ll be pleased to know this is half as long as the first and after ten miles, you’ll dismount at Llyn Gwynant.

Oh buoy! You know what this means? It’s time for the canoeing section! No canoeing experience is needed and we provide all equipment, including life vests and two Canadian-style canoes per team, rafted together to keep you together. We recommend you bring a change of (waterproof) clothes for this section.

Our experienced canoeing guides will give you a short briefing, before you tackle a buoy-marked course on the pretty, fresh-water lake.

Arriving on dry land, you’ve got one final pedal to the finish-line.

This ten-mile push will have you climbing Pen y Pass and then it’s all down-hill. Your team will end the day with a hair-raising descent down to the finish line at Llanberis.

Challenge Costs:

Registration fee: £195 (per team of four)

Self fund: £700 (per team of four)

Pay the challenge cost of £700 per team of four six weeks before the challenge starts and then raise as much as you can for Regain Sports Charity.

Sponsorship: £1,500 (per team of four)

Raise the minimum sponsorship target of £1,500 per team of four for Regain Sports Charity.

In order to be confirmed on the challenge, your team must have £1,000 of the funds in six weeks before the challenge.

Providing you’ve raised £1,000 at least six weeks before the event, we’ll pay the challenge costs of £700 on your behalf.

You and your teammates then have until 27 July (one month after the event) to raise the remaining £500 for our critical cause.

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