Information Days

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  • 10:00am - 4:30pm
  • Yarnfield Park
  • September 5, 2019

Information Days

Through our Transforming Lives Campaign, Regain has committed to organising Information Days across the UK. These aim to help us reach more Tetraplegics and to provide three opportunities:

1. Discover or regain their love for sport

Benjamin Roland trying out wheelchair rugby at the first Regain Information Day


As part of our mission, Regain want to enable more Tetraplegics to get back into sport after they have had their accident. Through discussions with Tetraplegic men and women across the UK, the charity has found that many Tetraplegics would like to have the opportunity to take part in sport or try out a new sport, following their accident. The Information Days aim to have taster sports sessions for Tetraplegics to try out.


2. Meet and make friends with other Tetraplegics

meet other tetraplegics


Many Tetraplegics feel isolated in their community. When they have completed their rehabilitation in a spinal unit, they often lose contact with Tetraplegic friends they have made. The Information Days are an opportunity for Tetraplegics to meet up socially and share their everyday lives with each other, as well as to pass on advice about equipment, funding, support and sporting activities that they have taken part in.




3. Help us improve our services

Steve Osbourne on the Snowdonia Charity Challenge


It is important for the charity to find out from Tetraplegics what their ongoing needs are and how the charity can support them in their community and help them become as independent as they want to be. Our information days aim to receive feedback from Tetraplegics directly about our current services and what we can do to help further.




Our Information Days will be held throughout the UK in 2019 and 2020 and welcome all Tetraplegics to come along, make friends, try out some new sports and have fun. Regain are grateful for the support they have received from Awards for All in funding to support this area of its work, which will enable us to support more Tetraplegics throughout the country.

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Upcoming Information Days

Thursday 5 September, Yarnfield

The first of our Information Days was held on 5th September at Yarnfield Park and was a fantastic success. We had sports taster sessions led by the GB Wheelchair Rugby Team, Beth Kyte and more sports pros. We’ve had brilliant feedback and hope to have helped loads of tetraplegics discover new ways to live independently.

We look forward to many more Information Days to follow throughout the UK. We’ll announce the details of these shortly.