Trusts and Foundations

Trusts And Foundations

Donations from Charitable Trusts, Foundations and Livery Companies are vital to Regain’s success, allowing us to achieve our charitable aims and provide the support that is so crucial for an individual with tetraplegia.

We are actively raising money for various projects during the course of 2018 and 2019. Our success can only be achieved through the generosity of donations from Trusts, Foundations and Livery Companies. Alongside these current projects, we also raise money for our general grant scheme, which allows us to provide essential equipment to tetraplegics across the country.

Our current projects are:

Handcycle Loan Bank

Specialist handcycles clip on to a wheelchair turning it into a tricycle which is pedalled using your hands. These can be used for recreational cycling and provide tetraplegics with much greater freedom, helping to improve their fitness, confidence and changing perceptions of what disabled people can achieve. We want to set up a loan bank of handcycles for tetraplegics to trial before deciding whether to invest in one themselves.

Cycle Kenya Challenge Event

Regain’s overseas challenges aim to help tetraplegics get back into sport through cycling with specialist hand bikes. Our latest challenge is to cycle 400km across the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, between the 11th-20th October 2019. The event is a real challenge for all riders and of course their bikes. Regain provides grants to tetraplegics for their equipment and maintenance support during the challenge. For those who participate, it will be an opportunity to gain self-confidence, challenge themselves, push boundaries outside their comfort zone and do something most tetraplegics would think they could never possibly do again.

Carers Grant Fund

Although the majority of our past funding has gone towards equipment grants for tetraplegics, we have also provided grants to carers and partners, many of whom have dedicated their life caring for a tetraplegic, to give them a needed break. Past grants have included the costs of hiring a replacement carer for a short period of time, gym memberships and funding towards holidays.

Tetraplegic Support Service

As well as providing grants, Regain also offers emotional support and practical advice to individuals who have recently become tetraplegic. We are currently raising money to establish a more efficient support service through a ‘Regain helpline’ and adding additional support elements to our website.

Disability Awareness Officer

One of the many problems tetraplegics face is the increased difficulty in finding employment – less than 25% of people who suffer a spinal injury go back into paid occupations. A Disability Awareness Officer would work with schools and businesses to educate on the benefits and skills tetraplegics can bring to an organisation, with the ultimate objective being an increase in the proportion of tetraplegics who are in a salaried job.

General Grant Scheme

A few examples of what your donation could allow Regain to provide are listed below:

£80 – Pair wheelchair tyres

£100 – Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Edition (Speech Recognition software) for PC or Laptop

£160 – Wheelchair-specific fitting jeans

£300 – Tablet computer, essential for basic communication.

£4,000 – Basic lightweight wheelchair

£1,000 – Classic Tilt Table, to reduce muscle spasms, improve functionality of the bowel and bladder and improve bone density and circulation.

£2,000 – Adapted Computer

£4,000 – Add-on mobility aid which fixes to a wheelchair and turns it into a compact power trike

£6,000 – To purchase a specialist Handcycle, which can be used in challenges. We find that many individuals who wish to keep fit partake in fundraising challenges to increase awareness of their disability and to prove their ability.

£6,000 – To purchase a high spec Melrose Rugby Wheelchair, including bumper bar, sports wheels and adjustable footrests. Tetraplegic’s we have supported have now competed in the GB Rugby Wheelchair Team.

£7,500 – Standing bed, same as a Tilt Table but more practical as it’s also a contouring bed

£25,000 – Etac e890 front wheel drive powered wheelchair allowing complete mobility, different seating positions and the ability to stand up vertically so individuals can have the benefits of a tilt table in their own chair.

To find out more information about our relationship with Trusts, Foundations and Livery Companies or to have your logo visible on this page please contact:

Ann Frampton,, Trustee;

Dominic Coleman,, landline 0208 807 1955 and mobile 07447 499978, Grants Manager.