Information Days Sports Taster Session

Regain your love for sport or discover your new favourite

Through our Transforming Lives Campaign, we’re delighted to hold Information Days to Tetraplegics across the UK.

Packed full of sports taster sessions, inspiring talks and forums, our Information Days aim to provide you with the opportunity to meet other Tetraplegics, swap life hacks and try out a variety of sports. Why not join your next nearest Information Day and get a load of this?

Wheelchair Rugby demonstration and taster session – led by BWCR

Whether or not you were a rugby player before you became tetraplegic, wheelchair rugby is a perfect way to live the team. Meeting up for regular team practice prevents you from becoming isolated in your community. Not to mention, it’s really fun. Give our taster session a whirl and fall in love with your new favourite team sport.

The GB Wheelchair Rugby Team le

Try out Wheelchair Rugby in our Information Day Sports Taster Session, led by the GB Wheelchair Rugby Team.

Handcycling demonstration and taster session – led by Dom Coleman and Tim Severn

Try out handcycling and discover a new way to get around. Cycle the world, climb a mountain or simply speed up shopping.

Group of handcyclists in Cuba

Discover a new way of living and try out handcycling at our Information Days.

Table Tennis demonstration and taster session – led by Beth Kyte

If you think your injury has to hold you back, think again. Challenge your mind-body coordination in this fantastic table tennis taster session and you might just become a sporting legend.

Three people practicing table tennis at the Regain Information Day

Find focus in the Sports Taster Sessions led by Beth Kyte.

Archery demonstration and taster session – Wheelpower – Led by Trevor Trucker

Opportunities to try the awesome sport of archery are so far and few between, that it becomes almost impossible to make it a hobby. This brilliant taster session, led by Trevor Trucker, shoots an arrow right through that hurdle and opens up ways to practice it regularly. Join the session and give Robin Hood a run for his money!

Man with a bow and arrow taking aim at targets

Take your aim and unleash your potential in the archery Sports Taster Sessions

Join our next Information Day

Our inaugural event was held on 5 September 2019 at Yarnfield Park. It was an absolutely brilliant day, with sports taster sessions led by Beth Kyte, the GB Wheelchair Rugby Team, Trevor Trucker and Dom Coleman.

We’ll be holding more Information Days throughout the UK in 2019 and 2020, so that we can reach as many Tetraplegics as possible. If you couldn’t make our first Information Day in Yarnfield, we’ll have loads more to follow and some are likely to be more local to you. We’ll announce the details of these shortly.

National Lottery Comminity Fund Funds For All logo

Regain are grateful for the support we have received from Awards for All in funding to support this area of our work, which will enable us to support more Tetraplegics throughout the country.