Grants for Carers

Regain’s Carers Support Programme

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Regain’s Carers Support Programme recognises the invaluable role carers play in enabling tetraplegics to flourish and whose dedication enables life potential to be fulfilled despite severe disability.

Since 2019, with support from the Edward Gostling Foundation, Regain has been awarding respite grants to the carers of sports tetraplegics. Grants are unrestricted and may be used at carers’ choosing. You may apply for a grant by following the link to the form here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Caring for the Carers: The Christopher Beckwith Regain Grants for Carers

Regain’s Carers Support Programme was launched with support from a legacy donation from Christopher Beckwith (29th September 1980 – 15th July 2014). Christopher had been tragically injured at birth, sustaining spinal cord injuries that left him permanently paralysed below the neck.

His legacy was in recognition of Christopher’s remarkable life enabled by carers. For unpaid primary carers, this is often a lonely and immensely challenging situation, which takes a heavy toll, not only physically but also emotionally.

It is essential that the carer looks after their own health and wellbeing. Taking a break from caring is recognised as essential to re-energise, thereby improving the care that is provided.

Am I eligible to apply for the grant?

  • Application for a Carers Grant is open to all unpaid, primary carers in the UK of those who have become tetraplegic as a result of a sporting accident
  • Carers who have received a grant cannot re-apply within the next 12 months
  • First time applicants will have priority.

What can I use the grant for?

Grants can be used at the discretion of carers applying. You, the carer, know what you need. It may be a night away, a family weekend away, a couple of hours each week to get to a local yoga class, afternoon tea or something more thrilling, like a parachute jump. It’s up to you. Grants can pay for replacement care, travel, accommodation and other services.

Can I get advice on organising respite care?

There are several specialist charities dedicated to providing advice and support for carers. These may be useful resources to find out how you can arrange for replacement care, what other support you are entitled to, as well as to understand better your rights as a carer:

There are also specialist charities that offer discounted accommodation and days out for carers and the people they support:

Please note, Regain assumes no responsibility for the advice, products and services offered by these third party organisation.

How do I apply?

Please fill in this form and click “submit”.

What is the process for assessment of my grant application?

Grants requests are reviewed by the Trustees at quarterly meetings in March, June, September and December. The submission deadline for a grant to be reviewed is the 1st day of the month in which the meeting is held. It is important that you plan ahead when intending to use the grant to pay for a break.

What happens if I’m successful with my grant application?

You will be informed of the decision immediately after the Trustees meeting at which the application is reviewed.

What else do I need to do to be awarded a grant?

We ask that you give Regain feedback of the experience you had, which the grant afforded. This should be a short description of what you did, how you enjoyed it, how you and the person you care for benefited. Please send a photograph if you can. Thank you.