Grants for Carers

Caring for the Carers: The Christopher Beckwith Regain Grants for Carers

Regain is launching a new grant scheme dedicated to supporting those unpaid carers of our target beneficiaries. Christopher Beckwith (29th September 1980 – 15th July 2014) was tragically injured as a baby, sustaining spinal cord injuries that left him permanently paralysed from the neck downwards. Despite his injuries, Christopher led a remarkable life refusing to be dominated or defined by his disabilities. To those who knew him, he was an inspiration. Through his legacy, kindly donated to Regain by his estate, he will continue to inspire through furthering the independence and quality of life of fellow tetraplegics.

Christopher lived in care for his whole life following his injuries. Regain recognises that there is nothing more vital to the wellbeing and quality of life a person with tetraplegia than their carer. For those unpaid, primary carers it is often a lonely and immensely challenging undertaking. Full-time caring takes a heavy toll, both physical and emotionally, and it is therefore essential that the carer looks after their own health and wellbeing, otherwise there is an ever-spiralling decline in which both the carer and the person they care for suffer. Taking a break from caring is universally recognised as being essential in re-energising the carer and so improving the care they can provide.

Regain will use some of the proceeds from the Christopher Beckwith legacy to launch a new grant scheme. The “Christopher Beckwith Regain Grants for Carers” will provide a first-in-class, dedicated funding scheme for carers of people who have become tetraplegic from sporting injuries.

Am I eligible to apply for the grant?

The grants are open to all unpaid, primary careers of British men and women who have become tetraplegic as a result of a sporting injury.

Carers who have received a grant cannot re-apply within the next 12 months. Priority will be given to first time applicants.

What can I use the grant for?

Regain prides itself on its flexibility and discretion in awarding grants to it primary tetraplegic beneficiaries. The same principles will be applied to the “Christopher Beckwith Regain Grants for Carers”. You, the carer, know what you need.

For some, it may be a few nights away by themselves. For others, a family holiday. While there are those who long for a regular couple of hours each week to get to a local yoga class. Others may want a day trip, afternoon tea at the Ritz or something more thrilling, like a parachute jump. It’s up to you.

The grants cover the cost of replacement care, travel, accommodation and other services.

Can I get advice on organising respite care?

Please talk to us first if you are considering putting in an application.

There are several specialist charities dedicated to providing advice and support for carers. These may be useful resources to find out how you can arrange for replacement care, what other support you are entitle to, as well to understand better your rights as a carer:

There are also specialist charities that offer discounted accommodation and days out for carers and the people they support:

Please note, Regain assumes no responsibility for the advice, products and services offered by these third party organisation.

How do I apply?

It’s very simple. Fill in this form and click “submit”. It’s as simple as that. We encourage you to be touch with us first to discuss your application. Please email Dominic Coleman (Trustee) at: or call his land line 0208 8071955 or mobile 07447 499978.

We may also want to contact you once we receive your application to get more information ahead of submitting the grant for review by the Trustees.

What is the process for getting my grant application approved?

You may submit an application at any time, although the grants are reviewed by the Trustees at quarterly meetings in March, June, September and December. The submission deadline for a grant to be reviewed within a quarter is the 1st day of the month in which the meeting is held. Make sure you get your grant in well ahead of when you intend to take your break.

What happens if I’m successful with a grant application?

You will be informed of the decision immediately following the Trustees meeting at which the application is reviewed.

We will contact you and work out together whether it is better to have the grant money paid directly into your bank account, for Regain to pay the service providers directly, or a combination of the two.

Do I need to do anything else to be awarded the grant?

You need to keep receipts of all eligible costs and send these through to Regain who will then reimburse you.

For Regain to track the impact it is delivering and to continue to improve the support we offer, we do ask that you provide some feedback of your experience. This should be a short description of what you did, how you enjoyed your break, how you and the person you care for benefitted, and what could have been done differently to improve the experience. Photographs are always welcome. We may ask to use your feedback in some of our impact reporting materials but will gain your consent before doing so.