Our Aims


To improve the quality of life for individuals who have suffered a spinal injury whilst taking part in a sport, leisure or recreational activity, that resulted in that person becoming tetraplegic.


Every sport injured tetraplegic is given equal opportunity to live as full a life as possible.


  • To help sports tetraplegics lead independent and fulfilling lives by fully or part funding equipment and facilities that improve mobility, communication, educational options and employment opportunities.
  • To raise funds through donations, events, sponsorship, legacies and gifts in kind.
  • To develop and maintain relationships with tetraplegics and provide support to them and their families and carers.
  • To collaborate with other spinal injury charities and to develop partnerships that will have a lasting benefit for the charity and its beneficiaries.
  • To increase the awareness of risks and educate the general public to try and reduce the number of accidents resulting in tetraplegia.
  • To ensure that the governance of Regain is working towards best practices.